What is EB5 Suite?

Most EB5 Regional Centers are using Microsoft Excel to keep track of and manage their operations. Some have created their own Access or other database to help in the management and tracking of their operations. Both methods have significant challenges and expose Regional Centers to potential compliance liabilities.

In response to this need, Investor Services Company of America (ISCoA) developed EB5 Suite, an online management system built to help EB5 Regional Centers manage their operations. In particular, it helps RCs improve efficiency, security, implementation of best practices, and scalability. EB5 suite is an online database with web access built on the Amazon Cloud Services platform. Our framework is connected to Citrix Sharefile to facilitate highly secure document storage. Functionally, EB5 Suite has elements of a contact management system, a document storage system, as well the workflow and transaction management components of an ERP (Enterprise Performance Management) system. Our focus is exclusively on EB5 Regional Centers and on their needs.

What does EB5 Suite do?

EB5 Suite was developed to make your workflow more efficient and improve compliance.
We offer integrated escrow services as an option.  Through our integration you will be able to keep track of deposits and control transfers from the escrow account to the operating account
You may optionally do background checks on all project personnel and AML checks on investors
EB5 Suite is fully integrated with Citrix Sharefile
Setup Projects and manage a wide range of project related activities including documentation, due dates and project financials and reporting.
Setup New Commercial Entities and Job Creating Entities.  Setup other organizations such as Law Firms and Agencies
Setup and manage a wide range of contacts: Leads, Pre-Investors, Investors, Project Contacts, Attorneys, and Agents.  Each Contact type has it’s own set of standard documentation types ready for you to upload to sharefile and to manage
Setup accounts for any contact type (or multiple accounts).  Setup accounts for any organization as well.  Record deposits into accounts, record transactions between accounts and record expenditures from accounts with as much or as little detail as needed.
Collecting and managing important forms is easier when EB5 Suite knows and tracks the important forms that make up a complete filing.
Receive date reminders separate from document storage to ensure tracking and your ability to assign task against the RFE with deadlines and oversight.
EB5 Suite creates and tracks mass mailing campaigns from within the marketing module.
Embed webforms on your websites and within emails to allow leads to submit inquires and respond to requests directly within EB5 Suite while tracking every action.
There are several standard reports in EB5 Suite however, whatever report you want can be custom built by you just by dragging fields to whatever order you want to see them.
EB5 Suite associates your emails to the appropriate parties involved and matches them to their records.
EB5 Suite currently integrates with Gmail Calendar and will integrate with MS Office 365 Calendar by November.
Whatever you decide is important becomes a personal dashboard and the first thing you see when you log in.

Future Features

ISCoA accepts requests from existing customers and qualified prospective customers. Future features:

  • Online forms for certain USCIS filings
  • Electronic signatures
  • Pictures of contacts

All new features must receive full quality assurance testing prior to release and ISCoA reserves the right to remove a feature from the product or roadmap if it is determined that the feature may cause harm to the operation of the product or creates a potential security concern.


ISCoA has partnered with Citrix to integrate Sharefile. Our customers enjoy a fully integrated solution with the highest levels of security.

ISCoA has integrated with Gmail to let you add contacts from email (prospects, investors, attorneys, agents and government representatives) so that they can be viewed, searched and archived for future reference. EB5 Suite also offers Gmail calendar integration.  Your team will also be able to see important events because the integrated dashboard encourages collaboration and provides a quick view of the most important information at any given moment.

Application Program Interface (API)

An Application Program Interface (API) allows data to flow between applications made by different companies making each application more valuable to the users.  ISCoA believes that many useful applications will be integrated into EB5 Suite providing a more valuable user experience.  Many software companies publish an API so that others can share data and we intend to continue to work with software developers that are important to our customers using this interface.  Please use the feature request form above to suggest an application that you would like us to integrate with.