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Technology, Creative, and Consulting Services

We offer a full line of EB5 related technology services along with a substantial set of industry based consultative services. Leverage the same talented team who have built and deployed the industry’s most comprehensive EB5 Regional Center management platform.

Service – One Time Description Cost
Website Design and Implementation, Responsive Design (works with mobile)
  • Each site should look different and have content related to the projects related to each site, success stores, solid reasons for people to choose these centers.
  • Needs a clearer user flow – incorporate CTA more often and make visually appealing
  • Asset Creation: Graphics
  • Dynamic Responsive Design
  • News Feed
  • Blog
  • Forms (feeds into eb5suite)
Website Technical SEO Integration (per site, one time)
  • Google Analytics:
    • Should incorporate Analytics on existing sites ASAP.
    • Will monitor Analytics during site rework to better understand current audience and develop plan to bridge any gaps between current and desired audiences.
  • Technical SEO Issues:
    • Fix load times
    • Add or improve Meta descriptions, Keywords, Headers, Alt Text based on keywords.
    • No data, open graph protocol, twitter cards, microformats, No meta robots.
$600 per website
Add EB5 Suite webform for Leads Add EB5 Suite webform for Leads to your website $360 per website
Service – Hourly Description Hourly Cost
Custom Development & Services
  • Custom email template development (for EB5 Suite)
  • Custom report development (for EB5 Suite)
  • Web form development and deployment across websites
  • Edit videos and deploy on Internet for marketing or investors Setup and maintenance of limited access video services Secure email and archival setup
  • Virtual private network (VPN) setup
  • Translation services
$90 per hour
Service – Monthly Description Monthly Cost
Content Marketing – SEO Light Strategy (6 month commitment)
  • 20 hours per month per site
  • Need to improve content to target keywords better and improve spam score.
  • There are no linking pages or domains
  • Newsletter should be reformatted to use content in a more crawler friendly way
  • Immigration Newsfeed could be more crawler friendly
  • Keyword Management & Content Refinement
    • Perform A/B Testing to refine Keyword Selection
    • Optimizing Content to ensure it is Targeting Correct Keywords
  • Monthly Reporting
$1,250 per month per site
Content Marketing – SEO Advanced Strategy (6 month commitment)
  • 40 hours per month per site
  • All the above plus:
  • Content Development and Editing
    • Writing Blogs and Newsletters Based on Info Provided or Editing Content Provided.
  • Link Development
    • *Bulk and Key Component of the SEO Process – [Back Linking], doing outreach to find sites and Develop Relationships to get Quality, Authoritative Links From Companies
$2,500 per month per site
Website Support (3 month committment)
  • Hosting
    • Hosting Fees
    • Server Costs
    • Bandwidth
    • Storage
  • Security
    • Monitor & Apply Security Updates
    • Run Regular Security Scans
    • Monitor System for Intrusions. Note: If an intrusion is discovered, Contractor will handle and fix at their expense.
  • Maintenance
    • Apply Software Updates – Test environment to Live Environment
    • Website & Database Backups
    • Monitor Logs for Errors at both the Software and Operating System Levels
    • Setup, manage and pay the recurring cost of SSL Certificates required
    • Contractor covers the cost of any Themes and Plug-ins used in the development of the websites
    • Monitor Overall Server Health
  • Content Management System (“CMS”)
    • Update & Replace Images
    • Update & Expanded Content
$600 per month per site (we host) $450 per month per site (you host elsewhere)
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