Does Your EB5 Regional Center Have a Technology Plan?

All EB5 regional centers have a business plan but how many include the role of technology and how you plan to safeguard the priceless information entrusted to you as part of the EB5 process.  There are so many important technology considerations that no business plan is complete without a technology section detailing how you plan to [...]

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Is Your Broker / Dealer Connected?

Given the direction USCIS and the SEC have taken concerning EB5 projects, the use of a qualified Broker / Dealer is an intelligent decision for most EB5 projects going forward. Since compliance includes key documents, filing deadlines, investor data and numerous other critical components, all the information related to a project needs to be organized [...]

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Cloud Storage in the EB5 Industry

Cloud Storage has come up a lot lately and there are so many misconceptions about what cloud storage actually is – The real question needs to be “do you trust the company storing your data?” Don’t take my word for it – Google the name of the storage company you currently use followed by the [...]

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Are you prepared for new EB-5 Regional Center Compliance Audits, announced on March 20th 2017?

It’s a beautiful Thursday afternoon and much to your surprise you receive a notification of compliance audit from USCIS, what do you do?  If your properly prepared you go on with your day and schedule the meeting but if you’re not prepared it might be time to panic.  After you collect your thoughts you need [...]

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EB5 Suite Announces the Integration of Global Verification Network Services for Secure Regional Center Background Checks

RALEIGH, NC, March 20, 2017 / Investor Services Company of America (ISCoA) announced today that new integrations are complete allowing users to order background checks securely from the EB5 Suite interface.  Simply select the level of background check for an individual or entity and the system will send the order for processing electronically, handle payment [...]

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Renewable Texas Energy Regional Center Selects EB5 Suite for Regional Center Management and Escrow Services

RALEIGH, NC, March 10, 2017 / Investor Services Company of America (ISCoA) announced today that Renewable Texas Energy Regional Center (RTERC) has selected EB5 Suite and its related services.  RTERC evaluated EB5 Suite and selected the platform to provide their investors with a secure and compliant system for investing and managing the complex EB5 process. [...]

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EB5 Suite Feature Spotlight

EB5 Suite Feature Spotlight With over 60 new features in 2016 it can be overwhelming to group them all together so this is an occasional update to spotlight a couple of features that might go unnoticed. The EB5 Suite Spotlight is all about tools that help you- Document Request Feature Did you know [...]

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Investor Services Company of America Announces Completion of its EB5 Suite Escrow Administration Module

RALEIGH, NC, July 12, 2016 / Investor Services Company of America (ISCoA) announced today that its new Escrow Administration module has been completed and is now installed in EB5 Suite.  EB5 project owners now have an automated workflow for escrow, connected with FundAmerica’s infrastructure, to provide seamless and compliant handling of all escrow requirements.  ISCoA [...]

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In the wake of the recent high-profile fraud cases every savvy investor will insist on knowing that all representatives of Regional Centers, NCEs and JCEs along with associated developers and contractors have been vetted.  It is often said that the best indicator of future performance is past performance and we have proven ways to determine [...]

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Will you be Ready?

Ready or not, change is coming – If recent events haven’t been enough to convince you that additional scrutiny isn’t imminent there is no need to read further… Still reading? Are you ready for USCIS, the SEC or other authorities to come knocking at your door to look over your Regional Center records?  EB5 is [...]

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